Magento & WordPress eCommerce Development

Getting started with eCommerce, whether an online shop, a custom payment based website, or a web/mobile app with purchases, requires professional eCommerce development. Discover the right solution based on the recommended CMS systems, WordPress or Magento, or custom programmed applications for your web project. Our services cover the complete setup of these solutions, whether from the ground up, or optimizing and marketing your existing eCommerce website or app.

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About E-Commerce

E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce and consists of the purchasing and selling of products online, via online payment transactions. A website, that enables visitors to make a payment to purchase a product, service, appointment or any other types of goods, is known as an eCommerce Website.

Today, eCommerce extends to several features that business owners may seek, from Monthly Payment Subscriptions, Auction and Social Marketplaces and more robuster types of web applications. A typical online store consists of the following components:

Online Catalog & Shopping Carts
A well designed online product catalog, for most web stores, is the main component for attracting and navigating visitors through your shop. Successful online stores posses a user-friendly product catalog that is easy to navigate with sorting and browsing tools for an ideal user experience and increased conversion rate. Using innovative online shopping features, such as the relating of items and similar purchases by other users, highlighting new products and sale items, as well as a virtual shopping cart with wishlist and product compare options, will assure a visitors best online shopping experience.
Checkout Payment Processing
An online stores' checkout and payment process go hand-in-hand with any website that intends to convert its visitors. A sites payment processing software, the length of a customers checkout form and the available payment methods all play a role for successful conversions.
Mobile App eCommerce
A large fraction of web users, today, depend on smartphones and tablets for their web commerce. We help expand an e-business into those outlets via custom Mobile eCommerce apps, in-app purchases in games, or simply by applying a responsive web store design to your existing site.

WordPress eCommerce store with WooCommerce

Creating an online store with WordPress is a viable option for almost any type of eBusiness and the first option we would recommend. By leveraging eCommerce plugins, like WooCommerce, and combining this with the vast array of useful marketing tools from the WP community, one can not only produce a successful web store, but also many other innovative type of sites, such as:

  • Social Media Marketplaces with user generated products
  • Membership/Subscription Fee based websites
  • Travel bookings, rentals and reservations
  • Payment based content/media auto-publishing
  • Advanced multi-step product customization
  • And many other types of creative eCommerce websites...

WordPress is ideal For any type of web store or payment based website, regardless of its size and desired features. Its capacity for customization and ease-of-use is the best starting point for any online venture.

Magento Development

Magento is a CMS, specifically tailored for eCommerce websites. Upon installation, Magento already includes all components for an average web store, which are: Catalog page, Shopping Cart, Checkout, Customer Dashboard (with all web shop features, such as wishlist, purchase history, billing information, etc.).

Magento's administrator backend contains mostly store management tools, starting with a sales dashboard, adding/managing products, categories and customers, sales management, coupon generation and all other eCommerce related gadgets.

With that said, we would recommend this CMS if the websites primary focus was on a web stores catalog, products, customer and sales management and data handling. Its primary strength is the handling of mass product, customer and sales data, therefore ideal for corporate eCommerce size websites (e.g. Amazon).

Other eCommerce Services

Product Data Entry

Handling of mass data with dynamic data-entry techniques.

We integrate systems to resolve challenges in the management of a data in large quantities, for example the importing/updating of 10,000's of products and transferring of complex data (e.g sales, items and customers) across multiple web stores.

Conversion Tracking

Analyzing Visitor Conversion & Purchase Behaviors.

By analyzing the paths of visitors, upon entering a website, up to the point of making a purchase or exiting without further action, one can identify elements that need improving or removing to improve the users experience and increase conversions.

Product & ECommerce SEO

Presenting Your Products on Search Engines.

SEO is an important component for a successful web store that include specific product related optimizations. With professional product SEO, one can present product pricing, reviews and other details in search results, improving rankings and traffic.

E-Business Consulting

If you are interested in working with us to develop your next web store, mobile eCommerce app, or simply need a hand with your already existing project, then feel free to contact us to get more information.